Shark Attacks
Shark Attack Avoidance

   Dealing With Sharks
Your Choices
- Become a shark attack victim! Get caught up in their hype and invest too late....let them win off of your reaction.

- Join em! Nothing wrong with following on their coat tails ( just know the indicators that tell you it's time to let go )

- Lead them!  Do something they don't do well.......Future Sense, Risk Assess and Watch the Rule Breakers.

  Minnows and Sharks
A Survival Manual for the Small Investor

We expose the one big lie that the internet lets the little guy indulge - it's the ego-stroking myth that
 "You, too can be a Big Fish"

You have to constantly be thinking of your tactics to stay in the game and avoid being swallowed up by the Pro's. 
Remember, in the big pond of life,
Sharks live on the Minnows. 

Throughout our Minnows and Sharks section, we give you that "Heads Up" information for that financial survival edge. 

Check out Rule Breakers In Action.  Our most exciting hints, tips and examples of where the "rubber meets the road."

  Watching The Rule Breakers
Watching The Rule Breakers
Watching the Rule Breakers.  Being able to anticipate future trends, directions and paradigm shifts.
Rule Breakers In Action - Where the "rubber meets the road."
  Financial Disaster
Avoid Costly Mistakes

 Who Do You Trust?
Avoiding the Shark Attack

Protect Your Money - Investor Alerts

How to Avoid Internet Scams

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